What’s with ALL these words?

Most people don't identify as voracious readers. Yet, while shopping in stores and online, the average consumer reads thousands of words of marketing copy every week--and most of it’s crap! Sadly, marketing copy is often the most overlooked aspect of advertising - the first place where mediocre companies get careless and smart companies excel.

As copywriters and copyeditors, our role is to translate the technical and/or lifestyle advantages of your products and/or services in a way that consumers not only understand but desire. Simple is better and faster, and it costs less so you’ll have more money to spend on Social Media ;).


Beacon Bytes Who?

We are down to earth and easy to work with. The revision process doesn't have to be dull or intimidating. With strong direction and the right questions, it can be as invigorating as the first time you took a bite out of a juicy hamburger.

For rates and terms, please don't hesitate to contact us. Every rate is different, and we aren’t afraid to haggle over the right terms.

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